General Council

The organization consists of a General Council and a Board of Directors. The General council consists of founder members, professionals, expertise and worker representatives. The General Council possesses the authority to elect the Board of Directors.The Board of Directors consists of 7 members including the Executive Director of the institution.

Following are the names of the current Board of Directors:

  • Mr. P Muthulingam (Director, Institute of Social Development)
  • Mr. U. R. Charles Dayananda(Retired Senior Lecturer)
  • Ms. Renuka Rajendran(Teacher)
  • Mrs.A. Anantha Kumar(Teacher)
  • Mr.S.Muralitharan(National Director, MInistry of Education)
  • Mr. K. G. Tilakaratne(Retired government worker)
  • Ms.Gowri Palaniyappan(Researcher)
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