Local Governance

Local Governance

Project Tittle:  Plantation Communities strengthened and galvanized  

Funding Organization:   MSI

Project Duration:   20 February 2019 - 19 February 2020

Locations & Target Group:   Plantation community - Kandy / Matale / Nuwara Eliya / Badulla Districts


Introduction to the Organization

The Institute of Social development (ISD) is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1991 to empower the marginalized and discriminated Plantation Communities in Sri Lanka. The ISD, from its inception, has been working in collaboration with the plantation based Trade Unions (TU), civil societies and like-minded agencies to build the opinion and sustain the campaign for the betterment of the workers.


Introduction to the Project

This project aims to strengthen the plantation community to advocate for their rights to achieve this target the project carryout the following activities:

Outcome 1:

Publicize recent amendments to the Local Government Act (LGA) and communities galvanized to ensure its implementation


1.1.1  Selected local government members from identified local government bodies trained on amendments to the LGA and plantation development authority (32 of 2018) Act (30 of participants x 4 of one-day trainings)

1.1.2  Two, Three-day residential training workshop on issues faced by plantation communities the amendments to the LGA and the RTI Act for the street drama groups (20 participants x two 3-day residential workshop)

1.1.3  Conduct thirty-two street dramas in selected areas to increase public awareness on the amendments to the LGA and RTI Act

1.1.4  Training of youth, women, local estate leaders on the amendments to the LGA and plantation development authority (30 participants x eight, one-day trainings)

1.1.5 Develop and print user-friendly versions of the New Villages Development Authority for Plantation Region ACT and amendments to the LGA (1500 copies of each)

1.1.6     Print pamphlets on the RTI Act (1500 copies)
1.1.7     Selected public officials trained on the Right to Information Act (30 participants x 10 one-day trainings)
1.1.8     Training of youth, women, local estate leaders on the Right to Information Act (30 participants x one-day trainings)

Outcome 2:

Raising awareness on the concept of living wage among key estate union leaders and CBO leaders


1.2.1     Awareness rising for trade unions, key civil society leaders, local estate leaders using the Living Wage Study (25 participants x 7 awareness raising sessions)
1.2.2     Printing 1500 copies of the Study (Tamil language only)

Outcome 3:

Building consensus on democratic reform priorities for upcountry


3.1.1     Eight discussions with groups consisting of women, youth, teachers, trade union and Civil Society representatives (30 participants x 8 discussions)

Impact of the Project

End of this project create an enabling environment for plantation community easily access to local government services as a citizen. Youths and women voluntarily engaging the part of rights to advocating government bears. 


Project Location

1 Nuwara Eliya
  1. Goddelodge
  2. Petro
  3. Park
  4. Kongodiya
  5. Escadle
  1. Mayfield
  2. Rosita
  3. Dryton
  4. Wootan
  5. Pathana
  1. Ragala
  2. Ladascale
  3. Movudugala
  4. Highforest
  1. Sheen
  2. North Punduloya
  3. Dunsheenan
  1. Newpeacock
  2. Delta
  3. Nayapana
  4. Kalugella
  5. Melfort
6.Ambanganga Korale
  1. Gamaduwa
  2. Opalgala
  3. Elagala
  4. Augaspittiya
  5. Naguliyatta
  1. Thambalagala
  2. Hunugala
  3. Pittakantha
  4. Kanthunuwara
  5. Dankantha
  1. Hunnaskiriya
  2. Rathwatta
  3. Pannsaldenna
  4. Matale west
  5. Sembwatta
  1. Gonakella
  2. Kikiriwatta
  3. Kuruvikolla
  4. Demariya
  1. Attampittiya
  2. Rossette
  3. Rockathenna
  4. Niluwa
  5. Uva Highlands


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