Equitable Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH)


Reaching the Unreached Estates and Surrounding Communities on Equitable Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) for improved health and nutrition Project Funded by the European Union Implemented by
Equitable Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH)In partnership with the Central and Uva Provincial Councils

ISD started WASH project for Estates and Surrounding Villages.

ISD has started a new initiative in Estate and surrounding villages to improve WASH facilities by enhancing health and nutritional status of marginalized and underserved communities living in 50 estates, 100 rural villages and 50 schools. Key aim of the project is to increase access to high quality safe drinking water, sanitation and hygienic practices in Uva and central provinces. This is a European Union funded project and commenced on 2017, and have been implementing in collaboration with Solidaridad Network Sri Lanka and Nucleus Foundation.

Specific Objectives of the project include:

  • Strengthening capacities of local functionaries and community institutions.
  • Improved access of population from underserved estates and its surrounding villages to adequate and sustainably managed water supply sources.
  • Sustainable nutrition, sanitation and hygienic practices promoted through community mobilization and social and behavior change communication (SBCC) processes.
  • Inter-sectorial (public-private) convergence and civil society participation for strengthening service delivery on WASH at district and provincial levels.

Furthermore, it is promoting an enabling environment for the emergence of estate and rural communities to improve health and nutrition status by facilitating the access for safe drinking water facilities at their domestic level. Also, this project contributes to improve the skill and knowledge on best practices of water management, Hygiene and sanitation practices at HH level. The project management is colossally working with government administrational mechanism at central and provincial level to operationalize the project successfully in selected estates and surrounding villagers. Also, project have a strong relationship with Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT), RPCc, SLPCS, Elkaduwa Plantation and Estate managements to   implement the project at all locations. The Project Management has signed a contract with PHDT, Provincial Councils and Ministry of Hill Country to implement the project in collaborative manner.

Project TitleEU - Reaching the Unreached(RTU),Estate and Surrounding Communities on Equitable Water, Sanitation, Hygiene for Improved Health and Nutrition

To improve the Health and Nutrition status of marginalized and undeserved communities in selected estates and rural villages by increasing access to quality services for safe drinking water, sanitation and hygienic practices
Overall Objective 4 Years - August 2017 to July 2021
Project Duration
  1. Ministry of Hill Country New Villages, Infrastructure and Community Development
  2. Provincial Councils of Central and Uva
  3. Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT)
  4. The Nutrition divisions of Medical Research Institute
Project Association with
Target Group
52 estates, 27 surrounding villages and 44 schools in selected four Districts
Project LocationsUva and Central Provinces
Badulla -Passara, Lunugala, Ella
Monargala -Monaragala, Badalkumbura, Bibila
Nuwara Eliya - Walapane, Nuwara Eliya, Hanguranketha
Matale -Rattota, Ukuwela
Key Functions
  1. Capacity development training for functionaries and community leaders
  2. Establish safe drinking water facilities in all selected locations
  3. Initiate eco-friendly interventions to protect the Water Source
  4. Community Mobilization, Awareness & Training
  5. Trainings on Behaviors Changes for selected Communities and Schools
  6. Promotion of Private sector participation
  7. Support to establish water management committees (CBOs)
  8. Capacity Development of 100 School teachers
  9. Setting up of ICT based Community Resource Centers
  10. Capacity building trainings for local Masons and technicians
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